About Charlotte

Charlotte Rosenberg is a self taught theatre technician, scenographer, artist from Aarhus Art Academy, guitarist in an unplugged band, pilgrim traveller and explorer, healer, masseuse, coach and facilitator. Charlotte is a very dynamic person who draws the best out of a variety of professions.

I have worked in the Kaospilot environment www.kaospilot.dk since the beginning of the Kaospilot education and have been a consultant in KaosManagement for 5 years www.kaosman.dk.

I develop and deliver module based leadership training programmes for Scandinavian leaders and organisations.

I work as a coach with my own Team Coaching Tool, PMProcess.

I have facilitated more than 1000 jobs for Scandinavian organisations and want to pass on Visual and Facilitator competencies.

I work in network and partnership and enjoy the strength of a strong alliance

I am a life explorer, who has sought in east and in west, and have found and am still finding.